NET Corporate Appraisal and Consulting, Inc.

Machinery-Eqipment and Vessel Appraisal Services

  • Machinery and Equipment Appraisal

This service includes the works of determining ongoing usage, discharge, regular and fast encashing or other required values of a single machine or several machinery, machine park or production line. Operating environment, physical status of any machinery or machine park are analyzed with determined characteristics of the machine. The details determined in scope of this on-site study, the values obtained by being interpreted with internationally accepted valuation methods are reported in detail.



  • Vessel Appraisal Services

Regarding the floating establishments like vessels, yachtes, petroleum and gas platforms manufactured for private services, research vessels which are characterized as “immovable” status in terms of registration in accordance with Turkish Commercial Code, appraisal is made for vessels and floating facilities by considering some factors such as the national flag they are affiliated to, national and international marine laws, usage and operating purpose, existing situation, age and size, freight revenue, etc. by using different input and research methods.