NET Corporate Appraisal and Consulting, Inc.

Urban Transformation Appraisal and Consultancy Services

The Urban Transformation Law being implemented according to the existing statutory provisions in our country aim to create healthy and safe living environments in areas under risk of disaster. In this framework, a valuation process is required before and after the studies to be performed in order to make areas specified for transformation more livable. In order for carrying out the valuation process correctly, the researches that should be done are as follows:

  1. Present status valuation of the actual structure and the land on which this structure is settled
  2. Cost estimation and project value determination of the new project designed as a result of Urban Transformation
  3. Market value estimations and goodwill determination of market values for single spaces to be created as a result of the final project
  4. Selection of the most appropriate model to ensure proper allocation between participators namely beneficiaries.