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Real Estate Development and Consulting Services

Real Estate Development and Consulting Services
  • Project Development and Project Appraisal Services

The most significant stage that brings economic, social, technical, financial and legal instruments together for a real estate developer, investor and user is the project development process.

Real estate project development has an organic structure composed of multidisciplinary factors including the idea stage, analyses, implementation and post-implementation processes.

Project development analyses and project appraisal studies of a land together with its existing zoning status and structuring conditions are performed in scope of the relevant regulations and implementation principles by considering land form, size, location, interaction with neighborhood, short and long term regional development, socio-cultural and economic possibilities, and micro/macro indicators.


  • Real Estate Feasibility Analyses

The feasibility analysis, a significant factor for a real estate investor and developer to decide whether or not to take part in a project is composed of some determinations indicating the practicability of a project with its turnaround period and revenue amount of an investment, investment cost, all positive-negative aspects of a project idea or the existing project, profitability, productivity, demand responding capacity of a project.

General searches in this scope are as follows in order:

  1. MARKET ANALYSIS including Supply-Demand and Region Analyses
  2. DESIGN ANALYSIS in which the areas to be sold or rented are specified
  3. COST ANALYSIS that includes developments planned for Lands, Infrastructure and Superstructure
  4. FINANCING COST ANALYSIS that includes type and the way of utilizing of resources for the project
  5. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS that is composed of project cash flow and profitability identification
  6. PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS that ensures measurement of the investment as a result of cost and benefit comparisons


  • Real Estate Portfolio Appraisal Services

We provide real estate portfolio apparaisal services in accordance with minimum standards specified in the legislation provisions and international valuation standards for all procedures for which the real estate appraisal is mandatory in accordance with capital market regulations of the Capital Markets Board (CMB).

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and Real Estate Portfolio Management companies are the enterprises and organizations we provide services in this scope.


  • The Most Productive and Effective Utilization Analysis

This is an analysis including feasibility analysis in one sense and determines the most proper investment for a project by evaluating them according to their scope.

Several models are developed by using the techniques of Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability rate and Rate of Return (ROR). legal possibility, financial feasibility and economical advantage of a project is analyzed.


  • Concept Development Consultancy Services

Absorption rate of a project increases if the type and intended purpose is not correctly analyzed in a real estate project, indeed the period of filling a gap by the supply is extended. This is absolutely an undesired situation since it causes many problems for investors, developers and users.

Determination of the most appropriate and productive concept is aimed in direction of intended use, form of usage, target group behaviors of a structure to be erected on a land and desires of the region and users by means of proper feasibility analyses for a real estate project by cooperating with architectural designers. Typologies of units to be created as a result of the concept to be developed are determined. Final aim of concept development is to ensure short return periods in immovable properties by having high occupancy rate and rapid value increase.


  • Single Space Goodwill Determination Studies

Goodwill determination studies analyze the reasons for different values of the same type of real estate located in the same project or on the same parcel. It means refined price of single spaces due to hedonic behaviors in some sense. Namely, it means characteristics of real estate and association of these characteristics with degree of importance. The criteria such as facade, direction, view, transportation, number of floors, garden and walking space, safety, day light, openness, area of single space etc. constitute the goodwill of a single space. According to these criteria, a more realistic value is obtained by means of single space goodwill determination studies in a real estate project.


  • Real Estate Rental Value Determination and The Right of Construction

The most frequently implemented and required appraisal procedure of the rights and benefits of real estate is the rental value determination and  the Right of Construction appraisal in addition to real estate and project appraisals.

The monthly and annual based rental value of real estate is determined by investigating the factors which influence the rental value with qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the real estate under the existing market conditions by taking into account usage type and status of the real estate.

The Right of Construction also known as right to build that enables development of wide and complex real estate projects safely is subjected to a valuation process by making comparisons in terms of income and cost based on the land and the real estate project located on the land as a consequence of calculations including various methods and analyses.