NET Corporate Appraisal and Consulting, Inc.







Our Policy;

  • aims to work long term together with the personnel who are able to handle the sectoral needs, professional in working principles, solution-oriented, advanced in development, successful in human relations and in control of process management.
  • aims to protect and improve the personal rights of employees.
  • aims to increase the commitment and continuity of the institution by keeping the motivation high.
  • aims to try to increase efficiency by creating a comfortable and convenient working atmosphere.
  • aims to help in determining career goals and supports it with the necessary education and contribution.
  • aims to comply ethical rules with a fair and constructive approach and acts with the principles of professional expertise such as independence, technical competence, and responsibility awareness.


Our Principles;

  • fulfill the obligations to the laws we are affiliated, to the authorities we are authorized, and to the institutions, organizations, real or legal persons that we make a service agreement with.
  • give importance to the protection and confidentiality of the information and pay attention to the timely and appropriate standards of the service provided.
  • act within the framework of SPK and BDDK regulations and fulfill the necessary legal responsibilities.
  • increase the quality and continuity of the service we offer to our customers within the framework of international standards and scientific studies based on mutual trust with high responsibility awareness.


Job Applications can be made via our e-mail address or through website.

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