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Dear Claimant,

Please send us the details of the service through e-mail that you would like to receive under the services title of our company according to the questions we have set for you below. Respective department will return to you as soon as possible by e-mail or phone so that the process is going to be managed professionally.

  • What is the purpose of valuation or consultancy service?
  • Where will the valuation report or analysis works be used?
  • What are the title deed information of the real estate?
  • What is the actual use of the real estate?
  • How many square meters is the closed area of the real estate?


Special Projects Division Contact Information

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In accordance with the 18th Article under the title of rate setting of the CMB Communiqué Serial: VIII, No: 35 was published in the Official Gazette dated 12th August, 2001 and numbered 24491 the fees for appraisal activity can be determined freely by the company and the customer. However, such fees,

a) Can not be tied to a predetermined appraisal value,

b) Can not be determined after completion of the appraisal activity,

c) Cannot be paid conditionaly.