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What is real estate appraisal?
Real estate appraisal is the value-assessing of a real estate, real estate project or an entitlement&benefit committed to a real estate in a particular time based on independent,… Read More
Real estate appraisal reports and areas of use
Findings and information acquired as a result of detailed examination and exploration are gathered in a report. The reports having a particular form include all information… Read More
Who is the real estate appraisal expert?
Real Estate Appraisal Expert: A Real Estate Appraisal Expertise License bearer with minimum 3 years of experience, university graduate (four years), employed full-time or under a contract with… Read More
Real estate appraisal process and management
Real estate appraisal transaction starts with the receiving of the required information about the real estate. The process continues as such: RECEIVING THE DEMAND Read More
Property valuation approaches
Aşağıda maddeler halinde belirtilen gayrimenkul değerleme yaklaşımları; Seri : VIII ve 45 No’lu ‘’Sermaye Piyasasında Uluslar arası Değerleme Standartları’’  hakkında Tebliğ’in Hakkında Tebliğ Read More