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Makine Ekipman ve Gemi Değerleme Hizmetleri

Makine Ekipman ve Gemi Değerleme Hizmetleri

Companies are looking at two different models for period-end valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets according to TAS 16 standard. An Anti-Cost is the Revaluation model.

It is very important that the measurement included in the valuation reports to be prepared as of the current period by the valuation group, which is under the management of the CMB, is included in the financials over the appropriate value.

Machinery and Equipment Valuation Services
It covers the continuous use and disposal of a single machine or more than one machine, machine park or production line, and regular and fast cashing or determination of other values ​​it needs. The physical environment in which the machinery or machinery park is operated, the physical condition of the machinery, and the determined features of the machinery. The information determined within the scope of this field study is reported in detail by making sense of the values ​​obtained with internationally accepted valuation methods.

Ship Valuation Services
In the valuation of floating facilities such as oil and gas platforms manufactured for yachts and special services, research vessels, and those considered as "real estate" in terms of their registration according to the Turkish Commercial Code, different entry and research methods are used to determine the value of the flagship vessels to which they are connected, national and international maritime laws. , purpose of use and operation, current situation, age and expectation, freight return, etc. Considering the factors, the valuation process is made for the ship and floating installation.